(PDF) The Loch Ness Monster Charles Fowkes Review PDF


(PDF) The Loch Ness Monster Charles Fowkes Review PDF 2019 Read books online

(PDF) The Loch Ness Monster Charles Fowkes Review PDF

Step behind the scenes of the biggest mystery of the British Isles Loch Ness is one of the most popular visitor sites in the world. Its stunning beauty draws many, but far more come to experience the mystery of the monster that may lurk in its waters. Known affectionately as ‘Nessie’, this elusive creature has been chased with great zeal for over a century (it has been seen by over 1000 people) and this enthusiasm shows no sign of diminishing. A new edition, rewritten and with fresh new images, of a Pitkin classic that examines the evidence and the various sitings on this perennial mystery. (PDF) The Loch Ness Monster




‘a classic book from the Pitkin stable.’ * Talk Radio Europe * (PDF) The Loch Ness Monster
About the Author

Charles Fowkes has been a journalist and a publisher and now lives in West Sussex concentrating on writing fiction, poetry and Pitkin guides. His books include The Life of Rembrandt, The Love Poems of John Donne, Haunted London, Haunted York and numerous other works.

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