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PDF The Olive Garden Choir On the beautiful island of Santaniki, close to Crete, it’s not all white sands and sunshine. When retired bookseller Ariadne Blunt suggests the English residents form a choir, there are groans of resistance. After a little persuasion, the group gather in Ariadne’s olive garden to rehearse, but each member of this choir has their own anxieties and secrets. Ariadne’s partner, Hebe, is in failing health. Clive struggles to accept the loss of his wife while Della, the Pilates teacher, drinks too much and Chloe, Queen Bee of the village society, faces a family dilemma. Then there is Mel, the real songbird amongst them, English wife of a taverna owner who hides her talent until the choir inspires her to raise her voice once more. In this tiny community, the choir brings the residents together like never before in a bittersweet tale of love and loss—and how life can begin again when you let go of the past.


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Leah Fleming EPUB Leah Fleming is the author of The Girl Under the Olive Tree, The Captain’s Daughter, and The Postcard. She spends part of each year in an olive grove on Crete.

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PDF The Olive Garden Choir

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