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Trauma Through a Child’s Eyes: Awakening the Ordinary Miracle of Healing Peter A Levine Maggie Kline pdf

Peter A Levine Maggie Kline pdf

Advance Praise for Trauma Through A Child’s Eyes“This work is the most valuable method I have found to help children reclaim theirvitality, alleviate symptoms, and develop resiliency to future threats … I only wishI had possessed these skills when the American Red Cross assigned me to thePentagon Special Response Team in DC after 9/11.”– Lisa R. LaDue, MSW, LISW, senior advisor, co-founder, and former director of theNational Mass Fatalities Institute, University of Iowa“This book is one of the most valuable gifts one can give to friends, colleagues,parents, relations, and all other people who care about children; it is our choice forthe book of the year.”


– The International Society for the Scientific Prevention of Violence“Finally, a comprehensive and inspiring book that will change your understandingof what it takes to raise healthy children. Peter Levine and Maggie Kline open oureyes and our hearts for healing our families, our schools, and our failing health-caresystem by addressing the most pervasive problem of our times. It is a must read.”– Ray Castellino, DC, director of Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment“What could be more empowering than teaching our children how to unlock theirinnate resiliency, release trauma, and return to calm? I am thankful to the authorsfor the lives of the children they touch by their good work.”


– Pepper Black, program director of the Office of Student Development, University ofCalifornia, Berkeley“The focus on the trauma work presented here has been necessary (and missing) foryears. As young people experience more overwhelm, we need to offer more to helpthem build the resources needed to respond. This book provides both insight andstrategy for educators to support the children of this millennium. I applaud theforesight and the effort.”– Tiffany Brown, EdD, senior psychologist, Long Beach Unified School Districtelementary schools, and professor of educational psychology, Chapman University“This book is the essential emotional first-aid guide to help children of all ages …empowering everyone to effectively support children using these easy-to-use steps!”– Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD, RN, author of Welcoming Consciousness: Supporting
Babies’ Wholeness, and founding chair of the Prenatal and Perinatal PsychologyProgram, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute

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