Podcast 2020: False Face by Ernest Haycox mp3


Podcast 2020: False Face by Ernest Haycox mp3

Podcast 2020: False Face by Ernest Haycox mp3

“Burnt Creek”

“The double crosser clipped me and transferred guns!”

A murdering thief slips into Dave Budd’s store looking for food and cash. He doesn’t have long; the sheriff’s only minutes behind. Oh, and he’s Budd’s son…


“False Face”


They came from every corner of Oregon and from adjoining states, rough people and refined, all eager to share in a new prospect of comfort and prosperity. Yet, the cause of this boom was a mere rumor, an unsubstantiated report that the government was going to dam a river in distant hills and construct major canals to irrigate the desert. It could be a land rush, as had happened in the past, or something worse if the rumor really proved false…




Aaron Bixby was a human coyote who preyed on the weak and unlucky. One day he went too far, took too much and made the wrong enemy…


About the Author


Haycox was born in Portland, Oregon on October 1, 1899.[2] He published two dozen novels and about 300 short stories, many of which appeared first in pulp magazines in the early 1920s. During the 1930s and 40s, he was a regular contributor to Collier’s Weekly from 1931 and The Saturday Evening Post from 1943. Haycox died in 1950, at the age of 51, in Portland.[1] In 2005 the Western Writers of America voted Haycox one of the 24 best Western authors of the Twentieth Century.

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False Face by Ernest Haycox.mp3



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