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Rahaman Ali pdf Muhammad Ali was bold, brash and courageous. He broke down somany barriers and created so many controversial situations. He wasan international figure and a great fighter – a man who always foughtagainst discrimination and always fought for equal rights. Muhammad andI could resonate with each other’s attitudes, of being Americans, and ofbeing outspoken about our equal rights.Muhammad and I became very close friends. We had a lot of funtogether and he was always joking around. I remember one day he said tome, ‘Come on, let’s take a walk in the community.’ Somewhat bemused Iasked, ‘Take a walk in the community? Walk where? What are we going todo?’ And Muhammad said, ‘We’re just going to walk in the communityand talk to the people. And allow the people to talk to us.’ So we would goon these walks on a regular basis. Ali would make people feel good aboutthemselves. I thought to myself, how many celebrities of his stature wouldconsider just walking among regular people, going around talking tothem? This, I felt, was very powerful.One of the most important lessons we both mutually shared was thatmoney is not God, and human dignity is very important. Your integrity isway up there. And as human beings, if you carry yourself in a certain way,you can defy all evil that comes at us. Muhammad was able to use thespotlight like nobody else in history.I’ve known Rahaman personally for over five-and-half decades. I don’tthink there’s anyone who was closer to Muhammad than his own brother. Iam delighted that Rahaman has written the definitive biography on hisbrother Muhammad Ali, who was more than merely the most fascinating
sporting figure of modern times. He was a lover of human beings, awarrior for the fight against discrimination, and not only did this greatheavyweight champion transcend boxing, but he transcended all sports. Hewas bigger than sports. The Muhammad Ali story is an important part ofhistory and I can say, with great conviction, that his legacy will live on fora very long time. . . hopefully forever.

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My Brother Muhammad Ali Download Rahaman Ali pdf



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