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Rebecca Roanhorse pdf

THE TIE FIGHTER STREAKED across the Corellian sky, flames licking the sides of theship and thick smoke billowing from its burning hull. The ship screamedloudly as it threatened to come apart midair, the dying cries of a metalbird. Below, the citizens of Coronet City paused in their evening commuteto stare at the doomed ship. These days it was not so unusual to see aFirst Order fighter speeding above the city. The First Order hadcommandeered the shipyards of the capital to build its war machines, andsometimes those machines failed in a fiery mess. But this ship wasdifferent; it was being pursued by one of its own.If the denizens of the capital city had looked more closely at the dyingTIE, some of them might have noticed that the distressed ship was of anolder model than its attackers, which meant it couldn’t have been aprototype out on a test run. What they could not have seen was that thepilot of the doomed TIE fighter was a native daughter, a Corellian whogrew up in the mountain town of Doaba Guerfel, not so far from thecapital. A pilot who had dreamed under a New Republic flag as a childand when the First Order had arrived—and most of Corellia had balkedbut eventually bent to First Order occupation—the pilot had fought back.Only now her fighting days were quickly ending.“Mayday, mayday, can you hear me?” the pilot cried into her comm.



She blinked frustrated tears from her eyes, tasted blood in her mouth.Her head throbbed from where she had taken an earlier blow on the headin the firefight.“Can anyone hear me?” she cried, again.The pilot cycled desperately through the secured channels that theResistance had provided her when she’d taken the mission, but no one
answered. She tried the Raddus again, certain someone there would hearher, but nothing. Either the attack on her ship had severed thecommunications module, or the channels were being blocked.She let out a small sob as the stolen TIE shuddered and rockedbeneath her. She could feel the heat at her back, smell the acrid scent ofthe engine smoke as it filled the cockpit. She knew she had only secondsleft to live, and she didn’t want her mission to have failed.Her assignment after the Hosnian cataclysm had been to help makesure the construction of a planet killer never happened in secret again,and the pilot was certain she had found something that would help defeatthe First Order in the stolen encryption key she now had in herpossession. But the precious code breaker would die with her if shecouldn’t pass it along. With a shaking hand, she quickly shoved the smalldatachip into the port just below her ruined holo display and held herbreath until the console acknowledged it had read and uploaded the file.She smiled, small and grim. She would not fail. If she couldn’t getthrough to her Resistance contacts, perhaps there was another way.Another way from her past. She briefly clutched the small snake pendantshe always wore around her neck, muttered a plea to her gods, and then,from memory, she punched in the illegal radio signal that would call theonly person she still trusted on her homeworld.She held her breath and waited.But no one answered, and it was too late. *She couldn’t wait to confirmthe connection. She would just have to hope.She hit the command to transmit, knowing that sending the key puther friend in danger. If anyone found out, they would have a First Ordertarget on their backs. But she had no choice.A bright blinking green light told her that the transfer was completejust as a blinding brightness surrounded her. She opened her mouth, butshe didn’t have time to scream before her world disintegrated around her.The citizens of Coronet City watched the TIE explode into nothingness.Some curious, most apathetic. And then they continued on home towaiting families and household pets, or to the cantina to meet withfriends, or to a thousand other places under the setting sun. Theexploding TIE didn’t even make the evening newsfeeds, and by the nextmorning, it was all but forgotten.

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