Rich Bitch A Simple 12 Step Plan by Nicole Lapin Review 2019


Rich Bitch A Simple 12 Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together Finally by Nicole Lapin Road by John Hart



Rich Bitch A Simple 12 Step

Every single story goes back to money. I learned that being in the news worldfor so long. If you want to get to the heart of any story, you just have to followthe money trail.So, let’s follow the money trail of your life.Yes, that will take us through the nuts and bolts of hard-core personal finance.Of course. But it also means going down paths of topics like shacking up andtaking care of yourself. “Wait, say what, Lapin? Those aren’t money issues,” youmight be thinking. Well, sure, they’re just topics about men and wellness at firstblush, but they are absolutely money topics, too. Actually, to me, those are thebest kinds of money stories because you don’t feel like you are talking aboutmoney. And that’s how I like to talk about money: in a sneak-attack way, Rich likemixing spinach into a chocolate brownie. You don’t taste it, but you still get thenutrition.Throughout our adventure together, don’t forget why we are following themoney trail. We want to get to the heart of your life story, the one you have livedso far and the one you’ll continue to write. So I will do a lot of storytelling: mymoney stories, your money stories, the ones that we can all relate to and link usall.It’s that simple: financial lessons are more easily digested through browniesand story time. Who said learning had to be boring? So here we go. It’s time tolearn everything about money that you need to know but don’t—or think youknow but don’t.Now, before we start, let me make a confession: I wasn’t always thisconfident Rich Bitch A Simple 12 Step Plan.


Stop smiling and nodding


Rich Bitch A Simple 12 Step Plan by Nicole Lapin Review 2019

by Nicole Lapin Review 2019


I was sure I nailed it. When it came time tointerview for my first-choice college, I was beyondprepared, like the star student I portrayed myselfto be (but I was really kind of a wannabe). Istudied up on the history of the school, practicedsaying the names of the important alums andremembered the titles of the courses I thoughtwould be impressive to say I wanted to take. I didalmost everything to look and sound the part butwear the school colors, and trust me, Bitch I thoughtabout it. My test scores weren’t stellar, and I hadno family connections to the school, but I wantedto get in so badly. I was convinced that going therewas my ticket to the television news career I haddreamed of. So when the admissions officer askedme what else I wanted to know about theuniversity, I pounced on my time to shine, askingmy rehearsed, well-researched, confident-soundingquestions Rich Bitch A Simple 12 Step Plan.




I can answer almost any question you throw at me, but the one that alwaysgives me pause is also the simplest: “What do you want?” It seems so basic, butit can also fill me with a ton of anxiety. I’m guessing it makes you squirm a bit,too. Am I right?“Where do you see yourself in five years?” “What do you want from yourcareer?” “Do you want to have kids??” AHHHH!!!The questions seem harmless, 12 Step Plan but they can freak anyone out. I’m here to tellyou, those freak-outs can stop pretty easily. How? By actually answering thequestions for yourself.Remember, the hardest part of getting what you want is figuring out what youwant in the first place. Which brings us to Step 2: ask yourself what reallymatters to you. This might sound stupid, but, right now, ask yourself thequestion. Do you have an answer?


Every girl should have a(professional) girl crush


I bet that at some point in your life you’ve had agirl crush. Oh, c’mon. Who doesn’t love them some
Gisele? But beyond supermodels married to footballplayers, you’ve likely had a few girl crushes atwork. I have.A professional girl crush, to me, means you likewhat another woman has going on. You look up toher. You respect her and kinda sorta want to be her,or have certain things she has, or do certain thingsshe does or has done. If you’re lucky enough, youget to meet or talk to her. I did.One of my most significant girl crushes becameone of my mentors. She was, and still is, asuperstar in the media world. I’m not going toname her because that’s not the point of the story,but she anchors one of the most respected networkshows and is famous for negotiating her owncontracts, demanding the same pay as her malecounterparts. She also made headlines for refusingto report on Paris Hilton going to jail. When herproducer kept putting it in the show script, sheliterally shredded the script on live TV. She was oneballsy chick—and I was totally taken by her.One day she emailed me to say that she hadseen me on TV and she wanted me to call her.OMG! I was excited but even more nervous. Ipracticed saying “hello” a few times and primed mypipes with a few sips of water to make sure myvoice sounded relaxed. She told me that she hadseen me on the air the previous weekend andthought that I was good—not great, but good. Shesaid she wanted to bring me on her show as a testto see if I might be a good fit to contribute to theirteam. I thought “eek” and “yippee” in my headalmost at the same time Rich Bitch A Simple 12 Step Plan.




You lie. I lie. We’ve all lied to ourselves about money at some point. My lieswould go something like this: “I need this LBD for such-and-such event. Withthis bomb dress, I’ll look the part.” I know, I know, it’s confidence that makesyou shine in a room. But if you’re like me, you can convince yourself ofanything in crunch time, even the things you know are wrong or stupid.C’mon, admit it: you have spent money on stuff you don’t need or that’s moreexpensive than you can really afford, and you’ve told yourself a lovely littlefairy tale about why you absolutely have to have it anyway. Sometimes we needthose little lies to move forward, to propel ourselves to seize the day or night.Sorry, bitches. This is not one of those times.In Step 3, I’m going to teach you about the only LBD you really need: theLittle Budget Diary. I told you we were gonna get naked; now we’re going totake a good long look at what we see in the mirror. Now it’s time to get the lay of your financiallandscape and take a careful inventory of what you actually have and what youowe.Time to get out that notebook or spreadsheet you’ve already started, sinceyour budget is linked directly to and intertwined with your goals. If you startedold school on a piece of paper like I did, it’s probably a good time to switch over
to this decade and put it on your computer. You’re going to create your very ownpersonalized LBD; it’s a classic piece you’re gonna want to keep.Start your LBD with two columns. Everything you have (a.k.a. your assets*)goes on the left and everything you owe (a.k.a. your liabilities*) on the right.(BTW, subtracting your liabilities from your assets will give you your net worth,which is nice to know, but at this point, don’t be too concerned with that sum.Just make a little mental note.) You can draw a line down the middle of one pageor do it on separate pages. You can do it in a metallic color or in a code only youunderstand—whatever way does it for you, just as long as you do it.The goal here is to give you an accurate snapshot of where you standfinancially. Here’s a true statement an unnamed person made to me when talkingabout her financial standing: “I have money…I have checks!” Yep, thathappened. So, your snapshot might not be pretty, but I doubt it’s that bad.Promise me you’ll never make a statement about your finances like that.Instead, here are some general guidelines so that you can talk about yoursituation in an intelligent way. You can and should tailor them to your particularcircumstances. You may not have some, or any, of these particular items listed,and that’s totally cool. Maybe you’ve got gold bars and a string of polo poniesinstead of a savings account and an old VW bug. This is just a template toorganize what you’ve got going on Rich Bitch A Simple 12 Step Plan.

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