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Robert Zimmerman Audiobook Zimmerman, who writes for the Sciences, Astronomy, and the Wall Street Journal, tells the story of the three astronauts involved in the “first manned flight to another world” as we approach its 30th anniversary. The story is well told in the astronauts’ own words and through interviews with their wives and children. The sections covering selected events and personages of the Cold War and the 1960s provide a unique perspective; the role of religion in the astronauts’ lives is an important theme not found elsewhere. While Apollo 8 is included in many other books on the Apollo program, Zimmerman’s work is the first to cover this flight alone and to stress its monumental significance as the most important Apollo mission. A strong purchase for all academic and public libraries.?Dale Ebersole, Carlson Lib., Univ. of Toledo, OH
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Robert Zimmerman Audiobook Genesis The Story of Apollo 8 The First Manned Mission to Another World


Robert Zimmerman Audiobook It was Christmas Eve 1968. And the astronauts of Apollo 8 – Commander Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders – were participants in a mission that took them faster (24,000 mph) and farther from the earth (240,000 miles) than any human had ever traveled. Apollo 8 was the mission that broke humanity’s absolute bond to the earth: it was the first manned vehicle to leave the earth’s orbit. Confined within a tiny spaceship, the astronauts were aided in their journey by a computer less powerful than one of today’s handheld calculators. Their mission was not only a triumph of engineering, but also an enduring moment in history. The words these three men spoke from lunar orbit reverberated through American society, changing our culture in ways no one predicted.

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