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Miss Garnet’s Angel: A Novel Salley Vickers pdf

Salley Vickers pdf

The peculiar charm and poetry of The Book of Tobit has endeared it to artiststhrough the ages; many people will have seen paintings of the boy carrying afish, accompanied by a dog and an angel, without recognising the source of theseimages.In my retelling of the tale I have retained certain anachronistic features of theoriginal, but the variations—imaginative reconstructions of the story’s sources—are my own, and for those I must take responsibility. To the anonymous author,or authors, however, I most gratefully acknowledge my debt.

After the death of her longtime friend and flatmate, retired British history teacher Julia Garnet does something completely out of character: She takes a six-month rental on a modest apartment in Venice. She befriends a young Italian boy and English twins who are restoring a fourteenth-century chapel. And she falls in love for the first time in her life with an art dealer named Carlo.

Juxtaposing Julia’s journey of self-discovery with the apocryphal tale of Tobias and the Archangel Raphael, Miss Garnet’s Angel tells a lyrical, incandescent story of love, loss, miracles, and redemption and of one woman’s transformation and epiphany.




Praise for Miss Garnet’s Angel:

“Artfully wrought, told with a bracing directness and lucidity . . . a gem.” —The Wall Street Journal

“Novel-writing at its finest and most eloquent . . . splendid . . . the sort of book that effortlessly, like angels, or sunlight on Venice’s rippling waterways, casts brightness and beauty into those private and most shadowed recesses of the human heart.” —The Christian Science Monitor


About the Author


Salley Vickers is a former university professor of literature and Jungian psychotherapist. Miss Garnet’s Angel, her first novel, was a book club favorite and an international bestseller. She lives in London and is currently Royal Literary Fund fellow of Newnham College, Cambridge, UK. Her latest novel is The Cleaner of Chartres.

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