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maybe you got it at birth. Maybe you gained it through hardwork. Perhaps you have yours because you’re charitable, orambitious, or an asshole. It’s your reputation. Everyone’s got one.And if you think reputations don’t matter, you’re wrong.Good reputations lift velvet ropes. They get you approved forloans; they’re your ticket to prestigious universities. Goodreputations land jobs, find you a spouse, earn you the right friends.But have a bad reputation—well. Here come the whispers. Herecome the slammed doors. Just try to shake off your bad name: Tenyears later, a girl will still be known as the sophomore who had theaffair with her track coach. Twenty years later, the only thingneighbors know about the man down the street is that he beat hiswife; or that the woman in the grocery store is a frigid spinster; orthat the lady on the library steps had something awful happen andshe went crazy.So it makes sense to preserve a good name, sure. But how farwould you go to preserve your reputation—especially when you fearyou’re about to be exposed? Would you work on a good cover story?Would you lie? *Would you kill?You’re shaking your head: I’d never do that—I’m a good person.But until you’re in the thick of it, you have no idea what you’recapable of. If something needs to stay hidden, you just might dowhatever it takes.

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Sara Shepard pdf

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