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The Absinthe Earl The Faery Rehistory Series Book 1 Sharon Lynn Fisher pdf

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Angus: A Tuatha De Danaan king, foster father of Diarmuid, husband to Caer.Aughisky: The Irish water horse, a fairy.bean sí (ban-SHE): Commonly spelled “banshee,” a harbinger of death.Ben Bulben: Tabletop mountain in the west of Ireland, near Sligo Bay.Brú na Bóinne (BRU nuh BUN-yay): Ancient fairy mound and ruin on the RiverBoyne, at Newgrange, near Dublin.Caer: A Tuatha De Danaan immortal, foster mother to Diarmuid, wife of Angus.Cliona (KLEE-uh-nuh): A Tuatha De Danaan immortal, sometimes referred to asqueen of banshees (also spelled “Cliodhna”).Connacht (KAH-nucht): Region and ancient kingdom in the west of Ireland.Dana: Celtic deity, mother of the Tuatha De Danaan people (also referred to asAna/Anu/Danu).Diarmuid (DEER-muhd): A legendary warrior of the Tuatha De Danaan.Enbarr: The horse of the Irish sea god, Manannán.Knock Ma: Court and stronghold of Finvara, the fairy king.Faery: In this text, the land where fairies live; also refers to the collective races offairies.Finvara (fin-VAHR-ah): The fairy king and a Tuatha De Danaan immortal.Fomorians (foh-MORE-ee-uhns): Ancient seafaring foes of the Tuatha DeDanaan; often portrayed as a race of monsters; sometimes referred to as the PlagueWarriors.Grace O’Malley: Sixteenth-century pirate queen of Connacht.


Gráinne (GRAW-nyeh): Legendary lover of Diarmuid, affianced to Diarmuid’schief, Finn mac Cumhaill.Kildamhnait Tower: A former stronghold of Grace O’Malley, on Achill Island.Maeve/Medb: Irish warrior queen from the Ulster cycle of Irish mythology.Máine Mór (MAW-nyeh mowr): An ancient Irish king (fourth century); in thisstory, the bog king.Manannán (MAH-nuh-nawn): Irish god of the sea; in this story, foster father ofCliona.Morrigan, the: Irish goddess of war, crow shapeshifter; also called “the battlecrow.”pratie: Irish slang (from Irish Gaelic) for potato.púca (PU-kuh): Fairy shapeshifter usually appearing as part man, part goat.Tuatha De Danaan (THOO-a-hay day dahn-uhn), abbrev. Danaan: Ancientsupernatural people of Ireland often associated with fairies; people of the Celticgoddess Dana.Note: Regarding the Tuatha De Danaan, this text conforms to the namingconventions and spellings used by W. B. Yeats




AD 882
Diarmuid Ua Duibne was the most renowned warrior of the Tuatha De Danaan ofIreland. There lived no fiercer fighter, and his sword, Great Fury, was the terror ofhis enemies.His birth date is not known, but his mortal life spanned centuries. WhileDiarmuid lived for battle, most of his trouble stemmed not from his perilousvocation but from his propensity for falling in love. And, in fact, his decision to runaway with the promised wife of his chief, Finn mac Cumhaill, led to his exile fromthe Danaan and eventually caused his death.After his death, Diarmuid lived as an immortal in Faery and sometimes evenwalked the green hills of Ireland, appearing as no more than a shadow except to hisown kind and to the fairy seers among the Irish people. During this time, hesuffered his most potent love dart, and as a result of that fated event—for reasonsknown only to him and to the object of his love—he conspired with the last livingdruid to cast a spell that exiled all the races of Faery from Ireland.The spell came to be called Diarmuid’s Seal.

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