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Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For Susan Rice pdf

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It starts like every other day, even though it is the last.My intelligence briefer waits in the Secret Service vehicle outside my house to handover the classified iPad containing the last President’s Daily Brief of the Obamaadministration. We ride downtown together, as usual, but on this day the streets areeerily empty. Gray overcast skies, promising a good chance of rain, weigh on the city aswe drive past familiar landmarks—Georgetown, the Kennedy Center, the StateDepartment, and the Federal Reserve.Outside the temperature is an unseasonable 43 degrees and rising, and I’m relievedto be wearing just a comfortable black, fitted jacket and black pants with a gold short-sleeved top underneath. No heavy winter clothing on what would typically be a frigidday.There are five of us in the black armored SUV. My briefer and I sit behind twoSecret Service agents who man the front seats. Between us is a red and black secure phonethat comes in handy when I am on the road and the White House Situation Roomneeds to reach me. Often it’s Secretary of State John Kerry on the line. Behind me in theback row of seats, where my kids normally ride, is my husband, Ian, who is coming tohelp me carry away my last boxes and, more importantly, to share in the nostalgia ofclosing this chapter of our lives.


As we pull into the White House complex, my briefer passes me a gift bag containinga very nice bottle of scotch—a totally unexpected parting present—which he sayspresciently, “may come in handy some days down the road.”Because the driveway separating the White House from the Old Executive OfficeBuilding is packed with two motorcades—one for President Obama and one forPresident-elect Trump—we have to jump out of the car and walk through the finalexterior gate with Secret Service agents trailing behind, rather than drive up to the doorof the West Wing basement to disembark, as we always do.It’s 9 a.m. on Inauguration Day: Friday, January 20, 2017. It feels more than alittle strange.Almost all of the White House staff is gone. The most senior worked throughJanuary 19. Only a handful remain. As national security advisor, I am on duty—until12:01 p.m. when the forty-fifth president takes the oath of office. If, God forbid, there isa terrorist attack before noon on the Capitol where almost the entirety of the U.S.government is collected, I will be expected to respond as I would on any other day duringthe prior three and a half years. Assuming that no such crisis will occur, I plan onspending the final hours of my tenure tying up some loose ends, relinquishing theremaining documents that must go to the Archives, packing the last personal items inmy office, and saying goodbye to those few colleagues I’ve yet to bid farewell…….

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