The Immortal Crown by Kieth Merrill Kindle, PDF 2019


The Immortal Crown by Kieth Merrill


From acclaimed director and producer Kieth Merrill comes an epic,The Immortal Crown by Kieth Merrill high fantasy saga and the quest to fulfill a prophecy.

A thousand years ago, the Navigator crossed the great deep in ships lit with 16 stones touched by Oum’ilah, the God of Gods. Over time the stones were scattered, and a prophecy arose declaring that a “child of no man” would gather them again, obtain immortality, and reign forever as god and king of Candelarr. Two religious groups have sprung up around the prophecy, each with its own champion.

The sorceress of the cult of she-dragon has chosen Drakkor, a warrior and mercenary. He swears to return all 16 stones to the sorceress, but the truth is he will let nothing stop him from claiming immortality for himself.

The Oracle of Oum’ilah has placed his faith in Ashar, a young postulant studying the Way of the Navigator on the Mountain of God. But when Ashar discovers he is a direct descendant of the Navigator himself, the Oracle reveals that it is his destiny to fulfill the prophecy and reunite the 16 stones for good. But he must hurry before Drakkor claims the stones and corrupts them.

Meanwhile, miles away, a slave named Ereon Qhuin dreams of freedom. Abandoned at birth, his only possession is a strange stone that his mentor, the blacksmith Rusthammer, promises is the key to Qhuin’s destiny and freedom.

A mercenary, a postulant, and a slave – which one is truly the child of prophecy?

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