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The Start Up J Curve The Six Steps to Entrepreneurial Success by Howard Love 2019 Read books online

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A predictable pattern of success
Entrepreneurs who have read early drafts of The Start-Up J Curve responded, “I wish I had this book years ago.”

A startup unfolds in a predictable pattern; the more aware entrepreneurs are of this pattern, The Start Up J Curve by Howard Love 2019 online the better able they will be to capitalize on it.

Love brings thirty-five years of start-up experience to this comprehensive guide to starting a business.

About the Author

Howard Love has been starting companies for more than thirty years, even prior to his graduation from Colgate University in 1983.  founded or co-founded over fifteen companies and invested in over fifty early stage start-ups. led several of these companies himself as well as advising many others. He has served on numerous public and private company boards and is currently on the boards of directors of FlexJobs, Dealbase, HotelTonight, 10 Foot Wave, and Knowingly. Mr. Love also owns and operates LoveToKnow, a digital media publisher that he started in 2004. LoveToKnow’s primary media properties are,, and He has lived in Silicon Valley for the past twenty-five years with his wife, Harriet, and three children. For more information,

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