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TITLE: Quantum Mechanics, 6th edition (2016)

AUTHOR: Alastair I. M. Rae, Jim Napolitano
ISBN-13: 9781138458338

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DESCRIPTION: A Thorough Update of One of the Most Highly Regarded Textbooks on Quantum Mechanics. Continuing to offer an exceptionally clear, up-to-date treatment of the subject, “Quantum Mechanics”, 6th Edition, explains the concepts of quantum mechanics for undergraduate students in physics and related disciplines and provides the foundation necessary for other specialized courses. This sixth edition builds on its highly praised predecessors to make the text even more accessible to a wider audience. It is now divided into five parts that separately cover broad topics suitable for any general course on quantum mechanics EPUB

This exemplary text shows students how cutting-edge theoretical topics are applied to a variety of areas, from elementary atomic physics and mathematics to angular momentum and time dependence to relativity and quantum computing. Many examples and exercises illustrate the principles and test students’ understanding.

PART I : Waves, Electromagnetism, and the Limits of Classical Physics
1. The Physics and Mathematics of Waves
2. Maxwell’s Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
3. Particle Mechanics, Relativity, and Photons
4. The Early Development of Quantum Mechanics
PART II : Elementary Wave Mechanics
5. The One-dimensional Schrödinger Equations
6. The Three-dimensional Schrödinger Equations
PART III : Formal Foundations
7. The Basic Postulates of Quantum Mechanics
8. Angular Momentum I
9. Angular Momentum II
PART IV : Extensions and Approximation Schemes
10. Time-independent Perturbation Theory and the Variational Principle
11. Time Dependence
12. Scattering
13. Many-particle Systems
PART V : Advanced Topics
14. Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
15. Quantum Information
16. The Conceptual Problems of Quantum Mechanics
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