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Keeping Up with the Quants: Your Guide to Understanding and Using Analytics Thomas H Davenport pdf

Thomas H Davenport pdf

Tom thanks (and dedicates his portion of the book) to his loving wife of morethan thirty years, Joan Powell Davenport. His sons Hayes and Chase have leftthe nest now, but they still support Dad’s work remotely. The Harvard BusinessSchool Division of Research was less loving, but did provide useful researchsupport.Jinho thanks John and Bonnie Ries for their enthusiastic support andencouragement, including their proofreading of the original manuscript.Particular thanks go to Jung-Hwa Shin for motivating and consistentlysupporting Jinho in writing this book. Jinho also thanks his elder daughter Nuri,his son-in-law Dong-Wook, and his younger daughter Youngri for their love andinspiration. Jinho dedicates his share of this book to his mother, Tae-Hwa Cho,for her love and wisdom.Tom and Jinho both thank Melinda Merino for great editing at HarvardBusiness Review Press, as well as all the other talented staff who make the Pressthe best business publisher in the business. Thanks, too, to Mark Allen forproviding the charming illustrations. We’d also like to thank all thegroundbreaking quants and quantitatively oriented executives, living or dead,who provided us with the examples in this book. We are merely the chroniclersof their heroic exploits.


Why Everyone Needs Analytical Skills


We live in a world awash with data. Data is proliferating at an astonishing rate—we have more and more data all the time, and much of it was collected in orderto improve decisions about some aspect of business, government, or society. Ifwe can’t turn that data into better decision making through quantitative analysis,we are both wasting data and probably creating suboptimal performance.Therefore, our goal in this book is to show you how quantitative analysis works—even if you do not have a quantitative background—and how you can use it tomake better decisions.

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