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Toyota Center Arena Houston, Texas Quiet came over the auditorium like a great intake of breath.The arena, designed for basketball, was a vast, Texas-size gaboon oflight, shadow, and sweat. Twenty thousand souls were gathered inside. Andjust now, as if with a single beating heart, they’d all become silent at thesame moment.The effect was galvanizing. We are one.Just as it was night after night.Onstage, warm-up speaker Titus Glover, the likable sidekick from apopular sitcom, paused for the silence to become total. Then, in a voiceragged from so many days on the road, he called out: “WE WILL . . . !”And held the mike toward the crowd to respond.“BE HEARD!!!” twenty thousand answered back.They’d been waiting for this moment. It signaled Maria Pena, finally,was about to appear.Glover called to them again: “WE WILL!”“BE HEARD!!!!”Fifteen seconds, Glover knew, was a good length for this kind of call-and-response to last. Long enough for momentum to build but not slip.The monitor facing him at the foot of the stage counted down the time.At zero, the high-tech curtain behind Glover came to life, revealingthat it was also a video screen. The nice effect prompted a murmur ofpleased surprise from the crowd. Now people saw images of themselves,shot in the last few minutes, faces full of emotion, expressions of hope,fists raised, voices chanting, close-ups and long shots. The crowd cheeredin recognition of itself.Now the video image switched to a volcanic eruption, the earthbursting forth into fire. The crowd applauded, knowing what came next:
the magma would flow onto a prairie, a geologic miracle of computergeneration, and the prairie would burst into flames.It was prairie fire, sweeping across the land, a new movement beingborn. The images were metaphor. The metaphor is us. We are the prairiefire.

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Tom Rosenstiel pdf

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