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Tomi Adeyemi pdf I TRY NOT to think of him.But when I do, I hear the tides.Baba was with me the first time I heard them.The first time I felt them.They called out to me like a lullaby, leading us away from the forestpath and toward the sea. The ocean breeze ruffled the loose coils in myhair. Rays of sun spilled through the thinning leaves.I didn’t know what we would find. What strange wonder that lullabywould hold. I just knew I had to get to it. It was like the tides held amissing piece of my soul.When we finally saw it, my small hand slipped out of Baba’s. Mymouth fell open with awe. There was magic in that water.The first magic I’d felt since the king’s men killed Mama.“Zélie rọra o,” Baba called as I drifted toward the tides. I flinched whenthe seafoam washed over my toes. The lakes in Ibadan were always socold. But that water was warm like the smell of Mama’s rice. As warm asthe glow of her smile. Baba followed me in and lifted his head to the sky.It was like he could taste the sun.In that moment he grabbed my hand; laced his bandaged fingersbetween mine and stared into my eyes. It was then that I knew, even ifMama was gone, we still had each other.We could survive.But now …I open my eyes to the cold, gray sky; to the howling ocean crashingagainst Jimeta’s rocky bluffs. I can’t stay in the past.I can’t keep my father alive.The ritual that cost Baba his life haunts me as I prepare to lay him torest. My heart hangs with all the pain he endured; every sacrifice he madeso that I could bring magic back.

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Children of Virtue and Vengeance Tomi Adeyemi pdf



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