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Welcome to Persuade in a Minute. Every technique in this book takes a minute or less. That’s all it takes to start beingmore persuasive and get others thinking about a ‘yes’ instead of a ‘no’.You don’t have to read the book cover to cover. Simply start reading right now at any area where you think youmight want to be more persuasive. Some of the techniques are serious, some are great fun, and they all work towardsensuring people become more receptive to your message.You’ll find a number of specific ways to approach each situation. By all means use them, but don’t think they arethe only way. If you find something else that works better, then use that instead. And be sceptical. In fact, the moresceptical you are, the better. Don’t assume everything works, but instead give it all a go and see what works best for you.Finally, a brief word about the importance of doing stuff for the right reasons. When you genuinely believe thatsomething is ‘right’ for the other person, you’re then persuading them for the best of reasons, and you have a much betterchance of hearing that magic word. ‘Yes’
Three magic shortcuts to get you startedKaren runs a gym in central London. She wants to persuade more of the lovely people who come in to use the gymonce or twice a week to sign up for personal training with her. She gets on very well with everybody, but people seemto prefer a casual five-minute chat with her to actually booking a proper session.In addition, a lot of the gym members seem to come in, spend half an hour talking to friends, watching themonitors and walking around filling their water bottles and then go home having done very little. *She knows many ofthem would like to lose weight or tone up, but she notices that it often just doesn’t happen. *She wants to help them.Plus, of course, *she would love the extra income that would come from having more private clients.She knows it costs quite a lot for private sessions, but she passionately believes that it’s a good thing foreverybody when they sign up.LET’S START BY making you more persuasive straight away. Coming up, you’ll find three general ways that you canmake people more receptive to your message. Use them all. See which ones work best. And have fun with them. The threeshortcuts are:The Magic TouchChanging positionThe most persuasive word in the world?

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Tony Wrighton pdf

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