(TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New Science of Optimal Health


(TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New Science of Optimal Health (TTC)

(TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New Science of Optimal Health (TTC)

Cutting-edge research on the brain’s interaction with the body shows that health is directly impacted by our social environments, socioeconomic status, culture, behaviors, relationships, psychological states, and habits of mind, among many factors. (TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New

Mind-body medicine – working in partnership with traditional medical practice – uses a large range of psychological, physical, and behavioral treatments in a model of health care that aims to treat the whole human being. It provides highly effective resources for prevention and treatment of a wide spectrum of medical conditions-and for fostering the ultimate goals of health care: truly optimal and lasting physical health, as well as emotional and psychological well-being. (TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New

In these 36 revealing lectures, Professor Satterfield offers you a comprehensive overview of the field. You’ll look in depth at the anatomical and biological systems through which what is “outside” in the environment gets “inside” to affect our minds and bodies. You’ll also examine recent research on subjects ranging from the impact our emotions and psychology have on health to the crucial roles that social, cultural, and behavioral factors play. And you’ll learn about effective mind-body treatments for many common medical conditions and diseases. Finally, you’ll finish the course with a tool box of ideas and interventions for your personal wellness goals, empowering you to partner more effectively with your medical providers and maximize your own health. (TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New

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01 Weaving The Biopsychosocial Braid.mp3 (TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New



02 Vital Signs—defining Health And Illness.mp3 (TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New



03 Fight Or Flight Vs. Rest And Digest.mp3 (TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New



04 Simmering Soup—the Neuroendocrine System.mp3



05 Deploying The Troops—basic Immunology.mp3



06 Nature Vs. Nurture—genes, Health, And Disease.mp3



07 Forget Me Not—cognitive Function.mp3



08 Mind Over Matter—cognition In Everyday Life.mp3



09 Emotions Revealed—psychology Of Emotions.mp3



10 Agony And Ecstasy—biology Of Emotion.mp3



11 What’s Your Eq, And How Can You Improve It.mp3



12 What’s Your Type Personality And Health.mp3



13 An Apple A Day—behavior And Disease Prevention.mp3



14 Staying On The Wagon—making Changes That Last.mp3 (TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New



15 Ease The Burn—modern-day Stress And Coping.mp3 (TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New



16 The Iceberg—visible And Hidden Identity.mp3 (TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New



17 Ties That Bind—relationships And Health.mp3 (TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New



18 Building Bridges—intimacy And Relationships.mp3 (TTC) Mind Body Medicine The New



19 Touched By Grace—spirituality And Health.mp3



20 A Matter Of Class—socioeconomics And Health.mp3



21 A Cog In The Wheel—occupational Stress.mp3



22 The Power Of Place—communities And Health.mp3



23 The Master Plan—public Health And Policy.mp3



24 Heart And Soul—cardiovascular Disease I.mp3



25 Heart And Soul—cardiovascular Disease Ii.mp3



26 The Big C—cancer And Mind-body Medicine.mp3



27 Bugs, Drugs, And Buddha—psychoneuroimmunology.mp3



28 Fire In The Belly—the Gi System.mp3



29 Obesity—america’s New Epidemic.mp3



30 The Strain In Pain Lies Mainly In The Brain.mp3



31 Catching Your Zs—sleep And Health.mp3



32 Chasing Zebras—somatoform Disorders.mp3



33 Seeing The Glass Half Empty—depression.mp3



34 Silencing The Scream—understanding Anxiety.mp3



35 Lingering Wounds—trauma, Resilience, Growth.mp3



36 Tomorrow’s Biopsychosocial Medicine.mp3



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