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William Meikle pdf The tall blonde stepped down off the top landing while Inspector JohnGreen was just halfway up the last set of stairs. She looked dazed,shocked. It was a look John had seen far too often, and he knew shewouldn’t be thinking straight, so he stood well to the side, almost right upagainst the wall to give her plenty of room to pass. She didn’t evenacknowledge his presence, not that he expected her to. If what he’d beentold on the phone was right, she’d seen more than enough for one dayalready. The constable who was leading her away gave him a thin smile.“It’s bad, boss. As bad as any I’ve seen.”The dazed look faded, not quite completely, from the blonde’s stare, andshe looked straight at John, as if seeing him for the first time.“I’ll say it’s fucking bad. I thought it was all Carlos Castaneda,mescaline medicine man hippie bollocks,” she said as she wiped bloodfrom her brow. “How was I to know the fucker was telling the truth allalong?”“Excuse me?” John said. “Could you clarify that?”But the hundred-yard stare was back again and although another trickleof blood ran from a small tear at her hairline, she didn’t move to wipe itaway this time. What little conversation there was appeared to be overbefore it had begun.The constable raised an eyebrow and shrugged.“She’s not spoken much sense at all yet, so your guess is as good asmine, boss,” he said. “She’s had a knock on the head as well as the cutsand bruises. I’ll get someone to have a look at her.”He led the woman away. She was still staring, still silent, as theydisappeared out of view down the stairwell.John let it go. They’d get her statement down at the station after themedic did his thing. There was little to be gained from questioning heruntil that stare started to focus on matters nearer at hand. Besides, he hadother things to worry about.He’d been at home when he got the call, and the chief sounded almostapologetic to be contacting him.“Normally I’d get Jim Hoskins,” he said “You know that, he’s beencovering for you anyway, but he’s on an attempted murder case in Mount
Pearl and I don’t want to drag him off it. You need to know; this is a nastyone, John. I’ll understand if you don’t think you’re ready just yet.”John knew he was far from ready. He wasn’t sure he’d ever be fullyready again, but he wasn’t going to tell the chief that. He’d been off workfor so long it was driving him nuts, and he couldn’t give them any openingthat might lengthen his absence. So here he was, about to walk in on bloodand gore and folks who’d been alive but now were not, when he was onlyrecently back from the brink of death himself. He took a deep breath,wished he’d had a drink before leaving the house, and walked intoApartment Six.

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William Meikle pdf

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